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Why to rent a boat from Trogir?

During high season time Split area gets crowded. There is no chance you’ll be able to find not even the parking spot. Huge traffic, people everywhere and Split, which is usually really big city becomes too small. Just half an hour away there is an UNESCO protected town named Trogir. The Little Venice of Dalmatia or as some call it The Stone Beauty is set within medieval walls on a tiny island. That tiny island is linked by bridges to both the mainland and to the far larger Čiovo Island. It is in the perfect position for your vacation. You will easily find accommodation, traffic is not as big as it is in Split and it is much more peaceful here. Nautical tourism is pretty much the main thing here in Trogir. Boat charters, marinas and huge range of the sea activities you can do during your vacation is all you need for the perfect stay. The district of Trogir, with its numerous small islands, coves, beaches and cultural sights is exceptionally interesting and worth taking a tour. When it comes to renting a boat, think wisely. If you are looking for a boat to rent there are several thing you have to think of before renting it. Here are some of our advices on why to rent a boat from Trogir.

1. Owning a boat is an expensive hobby. 

The maintenance, upkeep, storage and gasoline for a boat can get pricey. That’s why renting a boat is an affordable option. All you have to do is take the boat for the day at an agreed upon rental price and let the marina rental operator handle the rest. A boat rental will be ready for you when you have time to use it and you don’t have to worry about anything other than reserving it, using it and bringing it back to the marina for others to worry about its maintenance.

2. Trogir archipelago

Trogir archipelago is breathtaking. Numerous islands and every island have its own story, its own past. Incorporated into the Trogir region are two islands named Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali and they are known for their beautiful beaches in the area referred to as the Blue Lagoon. Get lost in the crystal clear sea, take a swim in a Blue Lagoon, visit Vela Rina, Island of Šolta, Island of Brač, Island of Hvar and Island of Vis where the amazing natural phenomenon Blue Cave Croatia is situated. There are so many beaches, bays, islands and islets you can visit, and you can not get to them by walking.

3. Better service

Boat charters in Trogir have amazing service, better quality boats, much more cleaner with an equipment that actually works. Charter owners are much more flexible and can take care of everything for you so you can get a perfect experience while on your holiday. Choosing what size of a boat you want can sometimes be a struggle but do not worry, charter employees will tell you and recommend the best of what you need keeping in mind your budget too. All of the staff is communicative and friendly and will take care of you like you are one of us! No matter if you are family person, adventurists or boat lover, you will find something in our motor boat offer.

4. Less crowded, free berths

As we said before, Dalmatia gets crowded during summer season time. Trogir took care of that so you can easily find a parking space nearby your rented boat. Did we also mention that your berth is free once you rent the boat? If not, yes, that is true. Your boat space is going to wait for you at the end of the day. If you choose to stay on another island, charter crew can advise you on some free berths in other marinas.

5. Skipper training

If you have a skipper licence but you are not sure on how to drive the boat you have rented – no problem, you can take a skipper training. Every skipper training is adapted to each customer. One of the crew members is going to take you for a spin and give you general briefing about the boat you chose. Crew member will try to recreate some problematic situations which could happened on sea and show you the best way to get out from it. After 20 minutes or so you will be as experienced as every other skipper and ready to set off.

6. Watersports equipment

Calm sea calls you to have some fun. Whether planning an island trip or weekend getaway to your favorite bay, there are numerous water sporting activities available for people who are adrenaline junkies. Water skiing, tubing, kayaking, wakeboarding, and snorkeling are just some of the popular watersport activities that people enjoy doing while on vacation. When you are done, you simply drop the watersport equipment off, and head back home. Just remember to be careful while doing it and have the most amazing time on your holiday.

7. Take a full day tour.

If you do not have a licence, you can hire a skipper. No need to worry, you will be in amazing hands. Not only that the skipper is going to drive you around, but he is also going to be your guide throughout the day. Most of the skippers were raised in Dalmatia, and they have a lot of interesting stories to tell. Do not be surprised if you see a girl being a skipper – there is a few of them who can manage the boat just as well as any other male. When you hire a skipper just tell him your wishes and he will most probably be able to make them come true. Blue Cave, Stiniva bay, Island of Hvar and Nečujam bay are just few of the most popular places you can visit during your full day cruising down Dalmatian cost.

8. For those with the small budget

If you have smaller budget and like to meet new people then instead of renting a boat you can book a group tour. A speed boat trip is an excursion that offers a cruise around the island or town or even includes a few different islands. The boat tour will let you enjoy all natural preserves and will also let you indulge into relaxing and charming beauty. Two of the most popular ones are Blue Cave tour a.k.a. five island tour and the second one is Blue Lagoon tour. Either one you choose you will be having an amazing time.

We hope that our informations helped you to choose a boat for rent in Trogir. Just call the charter, tell them your wishes and they will take care of the rest because, in the end, you are coming to relax and recharge your batteries.

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