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What to Expect on a Full Day Boat Trip to Hvar from Split

Full Day Boat Trip to Hvar from Split

Anyone who has been to Croatia will tell you a visit to one of the many islands is essential. Fortunately no matter how long it is you can easily visit one or more island from the mainland in a single day. One of the most popular day trips takes you to the mainland to see one of Croatia’s famous islands- Hvar. Here we will tell you what you can expect on the full day boat trip to Hvar from split.

One of the most important questions in this context will be which boat trip you should choose?

Deciding the boat trip package to Hvar from Split is tedious task. Do you want to splurge a little to cram as much as possible or you would rather have more quantity time in one or more stops?

For this it is important to look into multiple options before settling on one choice. You have to factor the key things we are willing to see in the timeframe, tour style and budget.

Therefore before choosing a day trip from Split to Hvar always analyse the available options to get full picture of what would be possible.

What you can see on your day trip?

We have made a list of things you can see on boat trip from split to hvar

  • Pakleni island
  • Hvar old town
  • Milna on Island Brac

When you eventually decided that you have only one day to spend on the boat trip to islands then you will realize that you can’t see everything in a single day. If you want to travel slow and reap the benefits of more relaxed itinerary this trip is not for you.

Though your decision of overnight travel will cut off many sights but if your selection of boat tour is right then you can make maximum out of it. You should be reasonable with your route selection. As many a time in rage we choose the route that take up more time that you can actually invest in visiting nearby islands.

Next question would be what kind of boat trip you should choose?

Full Day Boat Trip to Hvar from Split

If you are planning a full day trip to Hvar you must first consider the type of outing you want during research we have noticed that following types of boat trips are available

Educational tours: –

Educational walking tour schedule a day to be highly organized to fit in lots of attraction. There could be a guide, freedom and flexibility might be limited.

Party: –

Lots of drinking, pumping music and rowdy behavior, the free drinks on board will be on high demand.

Bit of everything tours: –

this is not generally people end up with these tools are mostly to get you from point A to B and give you some helpful tips free food and good time.

Outdoorsy tours: –

you will be glad you want to emphasize on stops for the water sports like deep sea diving and snorkeling. They might include add on such as high speed boat rides and others.

Whatever type of boat trip you choose flaunt the personality you have.  You always want to feel relaxed and comfortable during the trip therefore you should think about the style and vibe you are going to choose for the boat trip.

How much does a full day boat trip cost?

The boat trip to Hvar from Split can cost between $250 more. However after reaching the place the expenses are on you. Hvar is known as an expensive destination. Therefore you have to choose a full day boat trip that can cost reasonable on your pocket.

How long the boat tour can be?

Full day boat trip is around 8 hours in length. When you departed from Split at 9 a.m. and back will around 5 p.m. this includes cruise time, free time and stop time at the island. If you choose full day boat trip then you will get half of the day for the excursion and remaining half day will be spent on traveling.

The boat trip you can choose                                                             

Here we are listing few and popular boat trips you can consider according to the option of the money they charge for the process

Blue cave and Hvar Island tour for both Group and private

Hvar and Pakleni Island tour

Golden Horn The best European beach

Blue Lagoon and salt boat tour and much more

Blue Lagoon and salt boat tour

If you book this tour at Mayer-charter, you will get some amazing discount for the trip. If you want to cherish this trip for your entire life then connect with us.

What did you choose boat to Hvar?


Choosing the boat trip with their Mayer-charter is most affordable as you mentioned earlier Hvar is expensive place and we knew that if they were attractions you want to see more a bigger bite to eat you would be cutting more money. Fortunately Mayer-charter is here to assist you in this process.

Though prices may vary according to the season, if you went in the end of the summer but there are some boat rental companies that ask for the premium price. In this case you should choose Mayer-charter boat trips at the start of the season because their charges are much lower.

Flexibility and reliability

Benefits of booking the boats from Mayer-charter are many as it is the most recognized site for the purpose. Aside from providing additional discounts it provide peace of mind by confirming the day trip and continue researching what more we want with it.


The availability of boat for rent in the tight schedule of 10 days in Croatia is really difficult. For this you have to become fairly flexible and already have a nice day date in your mind before you begin of your trip so that you can book the boat on rent before the day of your departure. Mayer-charter provides this facility to their customers by narrowing down and confirms the boat they may need on their requested date.

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