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Vis Island – Navy Island

Vis is the most mysterious island in Croatia – even to locals. One of the most distance islands in middle Dalmatia, Vis spent most of the recent history serving as an Navy base and it was closed for public from 50s until end of 80s. This isolation preserved island and now it became a unexplored gem. During this recent history people moved from Vis to closer bigger cities for work so population is low but in summer months it grows 4-5 times.

Two smaller cities are located on island, Komiža town and Vis town.

Vis town is main port for ferries so one can take 2 hours ride with ferry from Split or book a private taxi boat from Split. When you are there you can rent a scooter or bicycle to explore island or visit other town, Komiža.

Komiža town is situated on south west part of island inside big and safe port. In front of Komiža you can see Biševo island, where the famous blue cave in Croatia is located. Also Monk Seal cave is located on this island as well as sand beach in Port bay. Inside Komiža town you can see many old Dalmatian houses, museums, traditional boats, in general, you can see old Croatian customs. If you want to explore this island we can recommend private boat tour to Vis island.

What to visit: list of main attractions on Vis island

  • Blue cave: this is the most popular attraction in Croatia. This place was first described and painted by Eugen von Ransonet and cave was accessible only by diving but then during 1884 locals made entrance for small boats. Cave is called Blue Cave because sunlight gets in thru original entrance creating glowing blue color. Depending on the season the best time to visit this cave is between 10AM – 12. Cave is now accessible only by boats operated by local company and ticket price is between 9-14€. If you want to visit Blue cave check Blue Cave and Hvar tour. There is one more similar cave on the island called Green cave.
    Blue Cave – Vis


  • Green Cave: cave is located on island Ravnik which is part of Vis islands group. Cave has two entrances and in low season is accessible by boat and in high is closed for boats but you can access it by swimming. Green cave bright color is created by sun beam striking thru hole on top of the cave.
  • Monk seal cave: it is situated on south side of Bisevo island and it is known as last habitat of Monk seal, protected species in Croatia, existing only on Mediterranean. It is the longest among the caves on Vis area.
  • Stiniva bay: one of the most popular beaches in Europe. Small beach between two cliffs is magnet for tourists.
    Stiniva bay


  • Budikovac bay: natural lagoon situated between few small island is paradise for boats
  • Smokova beach: one of the rare sandy beaches in middle Dalmatia is the perfect spot for summer visit. On the beach you can see natural water spring.
    Smokva beach – Vis


  • Navy tunnel: close to Vis town this navy submarine tunnel is located. Now nobody use it anymore but in serves as attraction for tourists and locals.



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