Boat fuel stations in middle Dalmatia

We made list of boat fuel stations in middle Dalmatia, Croatia.  For all information call directly each station.

NameTelephone numberTownDepth at jetty
B.P. INA(021) 612 660Makarska5,0m
OBALA-B.P. INA(022) 213 868Šibenik7,0m
MARINA KREMIK(022) 571 110Luka Peleš3,0m
B.P. INA(022) 434 499Murter, o. Murter2,2m
B.P. INA(021) 711 176Vis, Vis town2,5m
B.P. INA(021) 741 060Hvar, Hvar town1,8m
B.P. INA(021) 885 458Trogir3,0m
B.P. INA(021) 399 484Split3,5m
VRBOSKA- B.P. INA(021) 717 938Hvar, Vrboska2,0m
B.P. INA(021) 635 119Brac, Bol3,5m
B.P. RADONJA(021) 622 250Brac, Sumartin3,0m
MARINA – B.P. INA(021) 636 340Brac, Milna3,0m
B.P. INA(021) 654 180Solta, Rogac4,5m

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