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If you are staying in Split area and looking for someplace close to get away from the crowds and enjoy a day on the water, then Šolta might be just the place for you. Šolta is one of the nearest islands to the mainland and is very easy to get to. Best option would be to rent a boat from Solta ,of your choice so you can really explore the full beauty of the island, but if you are looking for a more simple and affordable option then you have a ferry connection to Split which goes back and forth frequently throughout the day in summer time. Other way fof exploring Solta is to book boat tour to Solta.

The island has a few towns, but the most iconic of them is Maslinica. Located on the west tip of the island, small fishing village has managed to stay out of reach from massive tourism and is quiet and peaceful throughout the whole summer. IF you arrive with the ferry from Split to the town Rogač, you will have a bus waiting in front of the ferry that will take you to Maslinica. While at the village you have many choices to spend your time, whether that’s enjoying a drink in a beach bar on a beautiful beach, grabbing something to eat in one of the delicious traditional local restaurants or even having a taste of one of the best olive oils in the world.
If you choose to charter a speedboat and explore the island, then Nečujam bay shipwreck is a must-see. Nečujam bay is the largest bay of the island and is always calm as it provides great shelter if you happen to run into rough seas on your day out on the boat. The wreck itself is at the far-bottom of the bay and is on the depth of about 6 meters, but the top of the wreck is near the surface so it is a great sight to experience, even for unexperienced divers. After exploring the wreck, you can enjoy the clear sea and relax to the sound of crickets around you. Also roaming the bay is the Mojito-man, a friendly local who mixes drinks right in front of you on his mobile electric little floating bar so that you have something fresh to drink on those hot summer days.

And what is a visit to the island if you are not going to stop in one of the islands restaurants to try some of the local delicacies. There are numerous nice restaurants on the island but we can truly recommend two of them, Pasarela in Rogač town and Turanj in Stomorska town. Both restaurants have a delicious selection of meals, from seafood to more common food like pizza, but we really suggest trying the local seafood, as it is always fresh and probably the best in area. Both restaurants are positioned on the rocks so you are never far from that beautiful sea.

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