7am - 9pm

Skipper Training

Mayer Charter – Skipper training

Our skipper training is made for begginers who are planning to chater a boat for a first time. Every skipper training is addaped to each customer.

Also we have two different type of courses, beginner motorboat skipper training and advance yacht skipper training. These skipper trainings are held in Trogir-Split-Solta waters.

The goal of the skipper training is to practice various maneuvers with an experienced skipper, allow participants intensely practical repetition of already acquired teorethical knowledge, also practise on different weather conditions. We will try to recreate some problematic situations which could happend on sea and show You best way to get out from it. The duration of the training that we have set aside for you is determined on the spot depending on your previous knowledge and experience at sea.

Prices are quoted on request, based on the specific wishes of our clients, including: vessel length, number of participants, possible inclusion of meals and the actual length of the course. Skipper training is organised from Trogir and Split but also can be held somewhere else prior rental of our boat.
Don’t forget to book this training in advance so we can book the best teachers for you. Also choose one of our boats for rent.

Book or not to book?

  • Think twice before you check in
  • Better safe than sorry, each area is specific so don't risk
  • Our skippers are experienced and they can help to learn more
  • Skipper training is less expencive that smallers damage on the boat