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The sea surface is smooth as glass, inviting you to grab your equipment and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with speed. Whether planning a island trip or weekend getaway to your favorite bay, there are numerous water sporting activities available for people who are adrenaline junkies.
Water skiing, tubing, kayaking, wakeing, and snorkeling are just a some popularwatersport activities that people enjoy when vacationing on or near the sea. Choose the best water skis, wakeboards, tubes,  coolres, life jackets & safety gear…wait, you can even rent the boat with us!

No need to bring all that equipment and space impeding gear. Instead, rent the equipment at your Croatian destination. When you’re done, you simply drop the watersport equipment off, and head back home.So just grab your wet suit, and experience how simple and affordable renting is. Just remember to be extra safe, and have a blast fun on the water. View all Water Sports Equipment offer bellow.