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Hvar town attractions worth to see

The island of Hvar is the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. It has been famous since the antique because of its important strategic and nautical position, the rich of the various historical periods, the culture and natural monuments. It is situated in picturesque nature, facing the southern, side of the world that has given it all Mediterranean attraction and cheerfulness; facing the sea, that gave it splendid and repeatable history, Hvar is an inexhaustible treasury of the scenery, atmosphere, and adventure. Thanks to the mild climate, the warm winters and pleasant summers Hvar receives many guests who are attracted by the dense Mediterranean nature, rich tradition and architecture, and nightlife.
When coming to the main town of the island, which is also named Hvar, you get to see a lot (we really mean a lot) of interesting places. Easiest way to reach this heaven on Earth is by taking boat taxi from Split airport to Hvar. If you want to lay down and relax it is also okay, we understand that you are on your vacation and you deserve to relax (relaxing actually is the main motto here in Croatia). On the other side, if you want to see something we have some things to recommend:

Fortress Fortica

Has been built on the hill above the old part of the city of Hvar in the middle of 16 century (during the Venetian rule) and was reconstructed in 1579. Today the fort holds a collection of amphora and other exhibits from antiquity and the Middle Ages. It is an architectural witness of military history, with a wonderful view of the Hvar town, its surroundings, and the nearby islands. Some of the best photos of Hvar are taken from here.

Hvar cathedral

Together with a Bishop’s temple closes the east side of the largest square in Dalmatia – Hvar pjaca (square of St. Stjepan). It was built on the foundations of an early-Christian church from the 6th century and that acquired its present appearance in the 16th and 17th century. The Cathedral is dedicated to St. Stephen, a pope and martyr, the protector of the Diocese and the city of Hvar. Hvar’s Cathedral preserves many valuable items and paintings of famous painters like Stefano Celesti, Palma Junior and the Spanish painter Juan Boschettus, but the most renowned painting is definitely Madonna, an example of the proto-Venetian art and one of the oldest in Dalmatia originating back in 1220. The cathedral is also the center of the Catholic district of Hvar.

Hvar theatre (and Arsenal)

One of the first public theaters in Europe established in 1612.The theatre was erected above the Arsenal, the most recognisable outline of the city of Hvar, a place that was used for the repair of galleys and served as a warehouse for nautical accessories. The outer part of the theater is mainly preserved in its original form, while the inside architecture belongs to the 19th century. Today Hvar’s theatre is open for public use. In the same venue there is also the Gallery of Contemporary Art that is open to visitors during the tourist season from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Hvar has celebrated 140 years of organized tourism, and today it is considered to be one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. Rich cultural and historic heritage of Hvar, that dates back to prehistoric times, unique gastronomy, beautiful beaches and bays, crystal blue sea and the hospitality of the local people are the guarantees of holidays in Hvar you will always remember. All this attractions in Hvar town you can visit if you book Blue cave tour from Split or if you book Hvar town tour from Split.

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