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COVID-19 – 7 Travel Safety Tips to Croatia

Are you planning to travel to Croatia during COVID 19 pandemic? There is a corona virus update that Croatia has open his borders with other EU and UK citizens and it is the only countries in Europe to allow enter third country nationals including American. The citizens can enter Croatia with the proof of accommodation and negative PCR covid-19 test report.  Croatia is one of the most favorite travel destinations among tourists all the time. There are a lot more to do than iconic towns and crowded resorts. Here, Mayer Charter want to share some travel safety tips to Croatia

Head to lesser known Islands of Croatia

travel safety tips to Croatia

Hvar is renowned for its jet set, glitzy nightlife and resorts, but there are several other islands you can choose which are equally beautiful and charming but less crowded and noisy. Take your time and head to Cres where you will fortunately find peace to spend some tranquil days. Cres is one of the largest island of Croatia which is least developed with lot of hidden factors which is seaside travels and historical hill-towns, instead of nightclubs.

Explore areas beyond than Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is famous for its iconic marble street and city walls. It is certainly not the only Croatian city that is worth exploring.  If you heard about Zadar then you already know about its maze and cozy like old town and art installation at its promenade. Greeting of the sun collect solar light while sea organ collects create music through wave action during the night show. We can’t say that this place is still undiscovered but certainly it is one of the best places in the world to sit with a cushion along the rocky shore with a drink in the hand to watch the sunset.

Save money and time while traveling in shoulder season

Croatia is considered the most busiest and expensive place in high season of months June, July and August than between September to May. During high season visitor flock here all over the world and quite villages turn into ragging party towns and cruise ships passenger overwhelm ports. During the fall and spring the price is a much lower and accommodation and much more plentiful. If you visit this place in between May and September the water will be but chill for swimming in north but very pleasant in the south, During September weather is completely ideal throughout the country.

Check out Croatia’s waterfall

All Croatia’s beauty is present on the coast. Their spectacular waterfalls to about 2 hours from Zadar, Plitvice Lakes National Park is the home of 16 tortoise lakes internally connected by a waterfall and lined by board walkers for strolling  from one to another without damaging that delicate terrain. It looks gorgeous during anytime of the year but it looks magnificent especially in autumn when the leaves change its color. Its beauty is incomparable even on a rainy or an overcast day. Everyone wants to explore natural beauty but certainly you should avoid crowded places as it can cause you great risk to the exposure of the corona virus. Visiting waterfall instead of beaches is also a great alternative in this direction.

Pack aqua shoes for coast swimming

Croatia’s beaches are quite beautiful but they are rocky unexpected pebbly rather than sand and you need to watch out for sea urchins. Some of the best yet hidden beaches also required scrambled on a hillside therefore before you leave home back a pair of shoes so that he can walk over slippery and rocky surfaces easily. As in COVID-19 period it is highly suggested to carry each and everything from home instead of buying from local vendors. We are already going through unpredictable time where everyone is struggling for the life. Meanwhile don’t invite trouble for yourself.

Avoid access exposure to the sun


Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen for your trip. Here the sun is very strong and do not underestimate even under the cloud cover. Therefore it is suggestive to become sun smart instead of ruining your entire order. Pack your hat and glasses and remember to put sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go for swimming and literately reapply it when you dry out the water.

Taste the local food- it is quite amazing

As well as the Italian influenced and delicious food wine in Istria the dish that make you dream about in Lapad, the outskirt of Dubrovnik known as the fish under the bell. It slab of fish with potatoes cooked under the Terracotta dome. It sounds simple but it is butter perfection it can make with lamp, octopus and pork. It can be fun to try many varieties of local brandy depending on the region can be flavored with cherries, herbs, pears and honey.

Apart from the above shared travel safety tips; here we are sharing some essential guidelines that are needed to follow during COVID 19

  • Before you travel you should get tested with the viral test 1-3 days before the trip. Do not travel if your test results are pending or you are feeling sick. Or follow all the entry requirements for a destination provide request and required health information.
  • During travel always wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet far from people who are not traveling with you. Wash your hands regularly, use hand sanitizer or hand wash for your good health.
  • Before travelling back to united state or any other country get tested for viral test 1 to 3 days before the travel. Follow all the airline and destination recommendations.

Travel may increase your chances of spreading and getting covid-19. Bus station, airport, and train station your chances of exposure to the virus will be more. These are also the places where it is hard to follow social distancing, but even though you have to follow all precautionary steps. Through this way only you can protect yourself as well as other from getting COVID 19. Delay your travel plan if you tested positive or you have come directly in contact with person who is covid 19 positive in last 14 days.

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