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Charter Management Croatia

Make your dream boat a reality

First answer couple of questions:

  • Do you have a berth/mooring for your motor boat or sailing boat that you decided to buy?
  • Do you have time and more important technical knowledge to be able to maintain your new boat?
  • Do you have time to prepare the boat before and after every usage?
  • And last, very honestly, how many days per season you plan to spend on your future boat?


What is charter management?

If you do not buy a boat just for your own pleasure, but you look at it as an investment, then we suggest to you our Charter Management Program.

We offer several kind of boats financing advantages! Initial price discount, cheaper maintenance, longer   warranty, cheaper berths and return of your investment. You can expect return of the investment in 5 years.

Mayer Charter Management program

If you would like to own a boat but you are not sure you could maintain it, rent it or even finance it, then you are on right place, Mayer Charter Boat Management. This is the best choice for you.  Join our boat charter management program and from now enjoy your dreams coming true.

The program is designed to help you find the boat that best suits your needs and create the best program to return your investment.

Using your yacht

If you thought that having your boat in boat management meant that you never get to use it yourself, then think again. In Mayer Charter boat management you can use your boat as much as you want but we recommend max. up to 4 weeks of usage per season, including 2 weeks in high season in order for the charter income to cover all your initial financing, yearly maintenance, permanent berth, dry dock and other expenses.  You can also use your boat whenever it is not booked for charter.