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Blue Cave and Hvar Tour from Trogir 2021

Trogir is situated between the medieval walls of a tiny island linked by the small bridges from Ciovo Island and the mainland. In the summers, this land turns out to be magical as it gravitates everyone to the wide seaside promenade lined properly with bars, yachts, and cafes; the mazelike marvel streets of the place look beautiful under the old fashioned streetlights.

Blue Cave Tour From Split

The old town has some intact, beautiful buildings right from its age of glory between the 13th to 15th centuries. However, in 1997, the profuse collection of renaissance and Romanesque buildings earned it the world heritage status. It is easy to reach the city on the day trip from Split; there are several different qualities of Trogir that make it an alternative base of the big city and a quiet relaxing place to spend time.

Everything you want to know about the Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is also known as the Modrašpilja’ or ‘Blue Grotto’ in Croatian. It is located at the small bay on the east side of the Bisevoisland. Do you know what makes this blue cave so appealing and unique for visitors? It is formed due to the seawater eroding limestone, and when the sunlight’s reflection falls on the white seabed through the opening vault at the top of the cave, a blue hue fills out its entire capacity. The appropriate time to visit this cave is between 11 am to 2 Pm; during this time, the cave remains blue at its extreme.

All thanks to Baron Eugen von Ransonet, who visited this cave for the first time and presented it in front of the world to observe such a natural phenomenon. He painted and described this famous cave and encouraged the artificial entrance large enough to sail through it. If this wouldn’t happen, then this cave might be available only for diving.

This cave is originally 24 meters long and approximately 12 m deep, and 15 m in high. The cave’s entrance is just 2.5m wide and 1.5 m high. Depending on the volume of tourism in this place, it is viable for you to have a decent waiting time for the boat. In the month of summer, your ship can wait up for an hour, but you have to enter and exit immediately in the spring or end of summer.

Blue cave is Croatia’s pride possession. Therefore this place experiences a huge number of visitors in every season.

Everything you want to know about the Hvar Island

Hvar is one of the most popular Dalmatia islands and the best-known destination of Croatia. According to the information shared in the world-famous travel magazines, this place is famous for its glamour, glitz, and authenticity. No wonder why Hvar Island has become the centre of attraction among visitors. Hvar is one of the brightest islands of Croatia, and it comprises all the essential details that you want in your tranquil Mediterranean island. This place has a sanctuary for historians who like to dig deeper than the surface.
Hvarisland is considered the birthplace of planned tourism in Europe, which originated in the year 1868. Besides, UNESCO has labelled this island as the most heritage globally as it is the home of the oldest municipal theatre and Stari Grad Plain.

Hvar has its symbolic peak, the Fortica Fortress, which makes access to another island quite easy and fast. After the beautiful boat ride, if you want, you can relax in the enchanting bay, which boasts some of the great restaurants of the region.

Day tour from Trogir to Blue cave and Hvar

Certainly, for exploring the spellbinding natural phenomenon of the blue cave and Hvar, you need a full-day excursion tour from Trogir. For this, you can take a boat on rent over the calm water of the Adriatic sea to the blue cave, also renowned as the coastal wonder that is famed for the aquamarine light. Marvellous spectral display at the sunlight in the cave leaves you without any words next; you will head to the charming seaside village of Kiomiza for a sightseeing trip before actually going swimming in the Budikovac island and Stiniva Cove. For concluding the trip, you can spend some spare time at the quaint coastal town of Hvar, running back to the Trogir. With this, you can spend a full day tour to discover the natural Croatian wonders like a blue cave, where you can witness the fabulous spectral display of the sunlight with ancient coastal caves. Travel the charming seaside town Hvar for an interesting insight into the rich heritage and culture of the region with the help of an expert guide.

How will this tour take place?

Day Trips From Split

Suppose you were willing to join the numerous people who have experienced this amazing natural phenomenon, the blue cave. In that case, you need to make arrangements for renting the boat and a skipper if you aren’t familiar with the boat sailing alone. For this, you can find either the local service provider or online service providers too. However, post-pandemic, it would recommend to make all possible arrangements earlier and avoid contact with others. At Mayer Charter, you can get a chance to manage everything in advance, right from booking or planning your itinerary to renting the boat.

Mayer Charter is Trogir based service provider. Their boat rental and delivery services are commendable for a year. They operate in regions like Brac,Hvar,Primosten,Solta,Kastela,Rogoznica,Milna,Omis,Sevid,Maslinica,Bol, and other places in the middle Dalmatia. Here this service provider offers an opportunity that you can rent the boat either with the crew or without the crew and skipper. The boats available for rent are motorboats and up to 9 meters in length with the outboard engine. You can start the tour from Split or Trogir or even from any remote island of your choice. All the boats are great in shape, comfortable, clean and highly equipped. This service provider’s most popular renting option is the boat for the rent in Hvar, Solta or Brac.

The private boat tour will make this tour worth remembering rest of the life.

Croatian islands are the most beautiful and natural spot to visit. But private tour provides you with a unique experience of the prime location for carrying out different adventurous activities like discovering unexplored vibrant Dalmatian Islands, dolphin watching and swimming in the crystal clear Adriatic sea. For all these tours, you might need a flexible itinerary and a professional crew ready to serve your wishes. Therefore private boat tour is considered ideal for the family vacation or secluded gateway of the lifetime.

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