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A Beginner’s Guide to Boat Rentals in Trogir

There is no better way of exploring the beauty of Trogir then renting a boat and sailing across the numerous Islands on Croatian coast. During the span of last few years, Croatia becomes well-known for its high quality charter services. A Large number of marinas and ports all over coast have been recognized as some of the best marinas for boat charter in the entire Europe. Whether you are an experienced boat captain or a close admirer of sea, renting a boat might prove the best way to experience the natural beauty of coast during your holidays.

Trogir is the perfect starting point for exploring this Central Dalmatian island groups and to visit some beautiful islands in Croatia. This place has its own natural attraction, charms and historical landmarks that are worth seeing.

Now the most important question of the time how to rent a boat in Trogir?

When you are renting a boat you must keep following points in mind

If you want to rent a boat without a captain you will need a valid proof of knowledge as a coastal skipper and VHF certificate in English for at least one person on board. Only the person who has the necessary certificate or license can drive the boat. The license must be carried all times during trip.

If nobody in your group has necessary certificate or license for sailing as a costal skipper then you can only rent a boat if you hire licensed skipper from Charter Company. For which you are usually charged extra by the company. Renting a boat with skipper is a great way to explore the area, since they suggest the best places to visit from local prospective and can also give you much useful information regarding the best attractions, and restaurants that you would not want to miss.

Places you can explore when you rent a boat in Trogir

As you already know, Central Dalmatian islands have some of the notable and best attractions; you can visit these places when you rent a boat in Trogir.

For example Blue cave of Bisevo near Vis Island is one of the popular natural attractions of the place. Since it takes time in reaching the location and because the popularity of the attraction is high then it is advisable to start early morning, around 7 Am would be an ideal time to start. Don’t miss the time period between 11 am to 1 pm when sun rays illuminate the underwater opening in cave and create a mesmerizing bright blue light effect. Early start is also recommended to avoid waiting time in the long queues to enter the cave.

Another popular location often seen on brochures is the beach Zlatni rat on island Brac. Do you know why this place is so popular? Its Croatian coastline is created by deposition of fine pebbles around the underwater reef and cover almost 50 meters into the sea. The very tip of Zlatni rat is constantly changing its shape due to influence of waves, sea currents and waves which makes the tip bend to one side to another. This beach is quite popular among surfers but it doesn’t means that it is not a great place for families with children. Indeed it is.

Aside from that Hvar, Island of Drvenik Veliki is also the popular location you can choose to visit with your rental boat. Renting a boat in Trogir is no longer a difficult task as you can advantage of Mayer Charter services by sending an inquiry earlier before actually booking a boat for rental.

What do you know about charter companies?

Boat Rentals in Trogir

Charter companies usually have large selection of boats at their disposal whether you are looking for small boat to take on trips to the nearest islands. If you are searching for a big boat with cabin fully equipped with stuff required for exploration of islands in central Dalmatia or for a long term rental. Simply choose the best option according to your needs.

Most of the charter companies have pre-determined time interval for the daily rental. For it you can rent the boat from 9 a.m. and you to return it between 6-7 PM to ensure that you don’t drive the boat at night and secure your safety before anything else. If you want then you can also rent a boat for few days altogether to avoid the trouble of everyday renting in which case the most companies offer some kind of a discount on rentals. However these days companies don’t offer this kind of facility to their customers. But fortunately if you find a company that is ready to rent a boat for few days then it will ask you for some amount as a deposit in which you have to pay upon renting the boat and will be returned when you return the boat. If there is any damage done to the boat during these days then you have to pay the compensation.

How to rent a boat at Mayer Charter?

Mayer Charter’s main base in Trogir, therefore if you want a boat on rental in Trogir, then you can come directly to us. We are ready to offer you our commendable services at easy rate. If you are a family man, boat lover or adventurists then you will certainly find something in our motor boat offer. Our boat rental is based on Trogir but it can be delivered to any location according to your demand.  We have different types of motor boat rental offers, bare boat or boat with skipper depending on your skills. Our rental boats are insured for damage or problems except inattention. Further book booking check in is flexible. You can avail our services for a day or a weekend. The procedure of boat rental at Mayer Charter is quite easy; you need to send us a request before starting your boating venture in Trogir.

We have every detail present on our website but if you want then you can modify things according to your needs.

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