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8 Awesome Things to Do in Split

Split is a scenic city lying on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Just 200,000 residents are in this ancient and largest city on the Dalmatian coast and second-largest City of Croatia. Greeks, Turks, and Romans had ruled this place; therefore, their culture has a stamp on the City. Split is highly famous for its natural beaches and Roman ruins, particularly Diocletian’s palace, situated in the heart of Split’s old town. With so many tourist attractions in Split, it won’t take much time for visitors to figure out why this Croatian City is becoming a top tourist destination in the Mediterranean.

Split is one of the biggest cities; therefore, every year, thousands of tourists visit this place and most of them for party purposes. If you ever get an opportunity to see the place, you will experience its hospitality, great food, and Sunny beaches. Chances are quite high that your Croatian journey will start from this City, so why not make the best of it? Here we are listing eight interesting things you can do in Split.

Even when you are not a party person, you can do lots of things in this high tourist City. The question is raising in your mind that is it the best place to spend weeks? I think it is not.  But certainly, a good place to start your journey. You can wander around two days or more before visiting Dalmatia’s lovely Island or traveling to another Sunny destination on the Croatian coast. Mayer Charter shares some tips on where you should go and avoid the biggest crowds.

Plan your Bacvice trip early in the morning

Bacvice beach

At night this place is used for the party and so for a place to avoid. But in the morning you can find a lot of locals going there to sunbathe or swimming with neighbors and friends. Bacvice beach is not one of the nicest beaches you have ever seen in life, but it is very close to the city center, and by coming there early you can get time to relax without having here too many other tourists. A big plus point in this fact that the beach is artificial and therefore made of sand, which is a rare thing on the Croatian coast; therefore, it is usually not rocky or more pebbly.

You can also find lots of cheap bars and restaurants on the beach. If you are a coffee lover, then this place is the best for you as you will get the finest local breakfast in these restaurants.

Diocletian palace

If you are among those who hate the overcrowded place, this beautiful part of the historical center is not for you during peak hours. It is walked through this part in 5 minutes, but it is worth watching. Aside from that, it brings you to other parts of the city center which is quieter. From there, you can stroll down through the center of Split, saying all the great buildings are walking through the steep hills and stopping for coffee sometimes.


Froggyland is the coolest museum that you have ever seen in your life. This museum is filled with more than 500 stuffed frocks doing human things in life work for the owner of it all. Because it is not that huge, you can see it within 20 minutes, a must-see for people who like quick stuff.

Have a look at the fish market

you are like people screaming at you; then you should go to the market. All the fresh catch fishes are displayed there for you to buy. Apart from that, you can also find the tastiest veggies and fresh fruits for a great price. The gathering of a large crowd in a tiny square makes this worth watching, and all colorful items present there will pursue you to make a good purchase.

Sit down at the boulevard and explore the beauty

people love watching the best part of the City, therefore it worth spending your time on the beaches on the boulevard. Here you can pick up your favorite coffee to drink while starting at blue Adriatic. While sitting there, you will find lots of locals and tourists passing there; it is great fun to watch them so closely

Snack away

Cevapi Snack

Cevapi is a renowned dish in the former Yugoslavian region, and there is no way you are leaving it without tasting it. The spicy grilled meat roll comes in pita bread and garnishes with avjar and onions with tasty eggplants/paprika spread. Delicious, isn’t it.

Walk up to Marjan hill.

Take a walk to the margin hill to get a spectacular view of Split. It is a medium climb, but you should avoid doing it during the daytime. You should learn from the mistake and walk-up in the evening to see the sun going down over the harbor. You will find many people doing it in the afternoon, but it is not a great choice in the summer? They have to do it in the evening so that they can enjoy great cocktails at the top.

Taste the local food

After seeing Marjan, why don’t you taste a good meal at restaurants situated there? These restaurants are a great place to enjoy local food like grilled seafood and fish. And the big bonus of these places is that they are reasonable for all types of foodies.

Now you have an idea of what interesting things you can do on your upcoming trip to split. Without any fail, these suggestions will work for you. Instead of giving up, plan up your trip in such a way that you can get the maximum out of the trip.

Split is the old town but still everything here is well preserved.  Therefore this place is worth watching at least for once in a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to split today.

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