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5 island Tour from Split and Trogir

Are you willing to explore more on your split day tours during Croatia vacation, then 5 Island Tour from Split and Trogir has come up with an excellent opportunity? It will help you to visit nearby landmarks without taking much time.

If you want to fill your day tour choice with an active outdoor experience or scenic drive around the coast, checking few islands around on the speedboat or hiking on the mountains can be a hood option. Besides, many other things can keep you occupied. All you have to plan your holidays accordingly.

If you can’t do this work on your own then you can easily hire help. Many online service providers assist people in gaining the great experience of their visit to Croatia; you are free to take their use.

Blue cave tour split
Like the first time visitor, it would be not easy to arrange a boat for rent. Therefore at Mayer Charter, we offer boat rental and delivery services in Brac, Hvar, Rogoznica, Primosten, Solta, Milna, Kastela, Sevid, Maslinica, Bol, Omis and other places in the middle of Dalmatia. This facility of boat rental is available with or without a skipper. If you aspire to travel the island, boat rental is one of the most convenient and effective ways. All our boats are in great shape, comfortable, fully equipped and clean. So you don’t need to consider the boat rental again and again.

Now you have taken the boat on rental, it is time for the five island Tour from Split and Trogir.
This is the typical planning for this kind of trip; please have a look:-

1. First Stop at Cave Bisevo:-

Once you reach Bisevo Island, you need to get off your rented boat to take the short break. Meanwhile, the skipper of your ship will arrange tickets for the blue cave. The blue cave, or Modra Spilja, is located mainly in the bay of Baluan on Bisevo Island. This cave is 24 meters in length and 10-12 meters in depth while 15 meters in height. The entrance of the cave is measured as 1.5 meters and 2.5 meters in width. In the year 1884, a tourist got in there for the first time and elaborated and depicted its beauty. On the suggestion of Baron Eugene von Ransonnet, one of the cave entrance is artificially widen so that boats can easily sail through it. The magical game of the light performed in the underground passage leaves you in astonishment. The ideal time for visiting this cave is between 9 to 13′ o clock in the morning, well it highly depends on the season.

Time duration of the visit: 1 hour

2. Second Stop at Monk Seal cave:-

The next cave is present on the Vis Island, its entrance is free, and you can enter this cave along with your boat. Apart from the blue cave, it is one of the most popular caves and the main attraction of most day tours. If you want to get enchanted, then monk seal cave is the opportunity to discover natural beauty. Mediterranean monk seat found in the beach resting inside the monk seat cave, located on the southern tip of the Bisevo island and just a small ride far from the blue cave. The cave’s name is given after the monk seals that reside in the water till the mid of the last century. In the present time, the monk seal is a rare mammal on the plant and no longer found in this water.

Time duration:- 30 minutes

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3. Third stop at green cave:-

If you have dreams and desire to adventure expedition, then Croatian islands are perfect for it. In this range, the green cave is another natural phenomenon in Croatia that attracts visitors’ focus. It is positioned on the south front of the vis island; though it is less famous than a blue cave, it is worth visiting if you find time to see it. Here you will get another level of experience of snorkelling and swimming.

Time duration: 30 minutes

4. Fourth Stop at Stiniva Cove

The fourth stop in the way is stiniva cove. After observing the beauty of the finish marvelling beauty of the blue cave, you can take a short speedboat ride to the bay through the way to the bottom where the famous cove is situated. The speedboat would drop you outside the stiniva gate, where you get a chance to jump into the sea to gain the experience of the first-hand cove. After you jump into the sea, you will immediately trap by the beautiful ocean’s dark blue colour water. As you dive in, you will see the bottom of the sea even when you are not at a depth of the bay, which ranges approx. 10 to 15 m, though it becomes even more, deeper when you move out of the cove.

Time duration: 30 minutes

5. Fifth stop at Budikovac Island

Another lagoon that you can visit on your speedboat tour from the split is Budikovac Island. Even though this island is referred to by the term blue lagoons, the colour of the water inside the Budikovac lagoon is quite closer to beautiful turquoise and constantly changes as the sun moves on the horizon and its shade falls on the water.

Budikovac Island is located on the South-east side of the Vis Island. Its lagoons are formed by Budikovac Island and two other small islands known by the name “sanak” and “small Budikovac”, situated outside the main island. The crystal clear seawater is an appropriate stage for underwater selfies and photographs for sharing with close friends and relatives.

It might be interesting to know that one person populates Budikovac for most of the year. This person is the restaurant owner on the island with the vegetable and animal farm, making it the appropriate spot for the several boats and tourists to come and enjoy in tranquil at the distant location.

Time duration: 1 hour

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